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  1. Oh I was born in Malaysia but Im currently living in Sydney. Where do you live
  2. i don't know much about movies where are you from ?....
  3. I have been trying to find one samurai movie its called "The Hidden Blade" seen the trailer on youtube and its seem to be good. Don't know if its any good though
  4. i watched it and it's made me cry XD ..then do you know any movie like the Last Samurai ?..
  5. Ah... "The Last Samurai" This is why my aviater is of Tom Cruise. The Last Samurai Is one of my all time favourate movie, almost made me cry watching it. One movie I will never stop getting tired of watching. I have seen and own the movie on dvd. I assume that you have watched it as well.
  6. well for me it's "The Bucket List"..."The Holiday"..."Music and Lyrics"..."The Last Samurai" ..oh,have you seen "The Last Samurai" ? ..
  7. One of my fav movie is... cant really say but if it only in the anime world its Spirited away, but for real life movie its really hard to say. I like movies like Doom, Casino Royal and many many more. how about you?
  8. umm i'm afraid to say that but i didn't seen any ,i just heard little about "Get smart" so you have favorite movies or something ...:P..
  9. Have you seen any movie lately like The forbinden kingdom or Get smart, X Files- I want to believe?
  10. well for me it's the violet color ,umm...i thing it's your turn to ask me something..>.<..
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