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  1. You knew the answer already and you its the colour blue, whats your favourate colour?
  2. then do you have favorite color....(blue??)..^.^...
  3. I like virgel for some reason, maybe it because I like blue, the cool white hair and the samurai sword he use, and I think Nero is mixed, a bit of both virgel and Dante the clothes are a bit of blue and red as well
  4. so what do you thing Danty is better or Vergil ?..^ ^.. which one do you like the most and is Nero like them?
  5. I post a thread on DMC before. People complain that dante was not as funny as in the game as well and it was too short and other things as well. but its was fine very good for a anime version
  6. umm you're right ,but they changed the personality of Danty,i thing the game is better than the anime ...what do you thing about it ?..^ ^..
  7. I like it, but the lack of Virgel was disappointing. and it was a bit too short but it was very good
  8. i download it too..^ ^ did you like it ??....XD...
  9. The devil may cry series. Yes I have the series on dvd. I downloaded the series with sub.
    I was lucky even to find it was sub
  10. you don't have to be sorry, have you seen the anime?...^ ^...
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