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  1. School work, actually. I have to do a lot of drawing, some of which is pretty technical and I don't have the tools for at home, so I have to stay on campus to get it done. Only five more weeks in this semester, though, then it supposedly get's easier.
  2. then what are you working at...^.^ XP........
  3. I listen to quite a wide range of music, actually, though most of which you probably wouldn't know or like, lol. There's a fair bit of metal in my library, but also opera, classical, and blues.

    And sorry for the late reply, I've been pretty busy!
  4. Aaa..twenty four?...but still you're not old so do you like listening to music or songs?...>,<
  5. lol I'm kind of old compared to most on these forums. I'm twenty four.
  6. for me Darker Than Black is my favorite anime it's drama/action and fun ^_^ and that's my type of animes ^.^ old are you?
  7. No worries. I like most anime aside from high school drama, with the guilty exception of azu manga daioh. Not a big fan of giant robot or mecha either, actually. I am enjoying bleach and naruto shippuden though, as well as Natsume Yuujinchou. I also like the old standbys like cowboy bebop, outlaw star, trigun, etc.

  8. do you have favorite anime or type ...(sorry for late answering)
  9. School is tough, but in a good way. Got back home from campus just before midnight.
  10. for me i'm tired too my feet are hurting me you doing with school ?..
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