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  1. hi i was dropping to just say hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Its been ok but still the same stuff!!!!!
    but im always bored!
  3. hi ..i'm doing ok ^.^ for me the school haven't start yet ...i thing it's will start next 2 weeks >_< so how you doing with school ?......(sorry for late answering the speed of the internet was SOOO slow)...
  4. hey was up what are you doing??
    im here at school!
  5. nothing exept in school for activitys!!!!!
    what are you doing today?????
  6. yay!! here i'm again ^_^ how you doing today ?.....
  7. sure why not ..if you like you can ask me anything you want.....XP....
  8. Hey tanks for being my friend!!!!
    hope we can chat some more and get know more about each other!!
  9. hi there thank you for the request if you want we can be friends......^ ^...
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