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  1. well ..i saw the date of your birthday in your profile ...and the real reason is're one of my bests friends ...^_^... XP..
  2. thank you so much Death Winds. ^ ^ wow that was really nice of you. how did you know?
  3. happy birthday YAAAAAAAAAAY i hop all of your dreams come true .. so enjoy your time by this day ^_^
  4. lol Wow. I'm now classified as a best friend. ^ ^ thank you. that really means alot. I'm playing Civilization 3 on my computer. and switching back and forth from there to here and every now and then from here to myspace. ^ ^ and that about it.
  5. i am listening now to the openings and the endings of Full Metal Alchemist they all action songs.....what about you the way if we talked a lot or not ....still you are one of my best friends ......
  6. hello. I'm messeging everyone I know, just getting back in contact with everyone. how are you doing? I know we dont talk much, so to add to the questions, what kind of music do you listen to?
  7. fine thanks but the weather is so HOT....what about you?
  8. sweet. sory, I've been really busy. this is the first day I've messeged people this way. lol. how are you?
  9. sure i want ..=>,<=.....ummm....nice to meet you....o^,^o are you?...
  10. hello. want a friend?
    (free space, Free space, free space, Free space)
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