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  1. no, i decided we should get to know each other first
  2. woo~ ...that's really have you told her or not yet...^.^
  3. My school days have been alright. I like someone in my choir class and I'm gonna tell her tomorrow, so I'm happy^^
  4. i'm tiring because of school and i just wont sleep -.- lol.... so how is your school days ?...^.^
  5. cool. I'm doing alright, todays been kinda good and bad for me, but oh well, I'm used to it. How are you doing?
  6. thanks a lot ^.^....and sure i would like to be friends name is Mawadda nice to meet you....soo umm.... how you doing?
  7. Hey I like your signature a lot! Plus you seem like a pretty cool person, wanna be friends?

    You can call me Ryan.
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