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  1. Well I am at home right now, I get every other Friday off from work. Ummm... I had to go to the Dr. a few days ago for a check up.
  2. nothing really i just want to finish school ...then what are you up to?
  3. Yeah, kind of have to. But I love my job and what I do, and the pay is really good as well. So what have you been up to?
  4. i'm doing ok thanks for asking ^.^ seems working so hard
  5. Im doing alright, how about your self? Sorry for my late answering, just been really busy at work and at home so I have not been able to get on the comp that much.
  6. i'm doing ok what about you?...(sorry for late answering ^_^)...
  7. Hello, whats new and going on with you? Blast this 50 letters or more thing, you have to write out a small essay just to say hi.
  8. Well next time try the frount door... It makes much less of a mess that way... And its less painfull.
  9. umm...i would intentionaly fall through the moonlight of the dark sky and fall into your Profile to say hi ...XP..Miiiiuu!!..
  10. I figured I would "intentionaly" fall through your sky light and fall on my face to say hi... :P
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