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  1. don't worry about it ^_^ i'm ok where i am .........
  2. I'm from united states,in the south,I hope you are ok where you are*
  3. mm ...well i'm from iraq...what about you .....
  4. Thanks a lot! (sorry didn't read other comment) =^.^=
  5. I played on PS2,but I was wondering if (you said they had no first DMC's in your area) Resident Evil 4 is available on a computer,so I thought that maybe you might see it........sooooo,what part of the world do you live in,I thought I saw on this site you said Arabia?
  6. oh ,how can i forget ...HAPPY BIRTHDAY ThanatosLoveChain i wish all your dreams will come true someday .....and thanks for being my friend!!
  7. i played DMC on computer what about you ?....^_^..
  8. RE 4 is awesomeness,it's about this zombie virus in the older games,this one though,alien parasites or something weird XD. Leon's not too bad on the eyes though* He has to rescue the president's daughter Ashley,and part of the game,you have to let her follow you,and she gets annoying! But very fun still,I haven't finished yet though......workin' on it! Do you play DMC on computer or playstation?
  9. Capcom!!!...0_0...even if i didn't played it ...but it seems....COOL!! can you tell me anything about it's story because i have interests about Capcom games...XD..
  10. Ooo,other hobbies,well,I've always loved inline skating,but I haven't in several years,lol,I just need to get some new skates when I do,there's not really a good place to go skating,I live in a kind of dead,well,have you ever heard of Resident Evil 4? I'm playing that now,(I've put Baroque on a little hold) they are the same ones that make DMC Capcom?
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