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  1. I barely ever smile. I should more often but I don't like smiling very much. Why do you ask?
  2. okie dokies hey, how often do ya smile?.......... :I
  3. I think I am going to edit it so you can create your own because that is always easier.
  4. lol kewl hey, i hav a challenge for ya: try skate boardin while playin ur guitar i would laugh if ya could do that and id be amazed, and jelious.....and id be laughin cuz it would be soo kewl! ^-^ haha
  5. I wrote in the Left 4 dead thread for you specifying the genders of the characters.
  6. I can do a few. I'm not that great. I have 3 skateboards but only 2 are fully put together and useable.
  7. lol kewl i just play trumpet heh heh ^-^ how ur skate boarding? do ya do alotta tricks?
  8. Sports are okay, I'm more of a musician though. I have two guitars.
  9. Not at the moment. Besides skateboarding but I don't think it counts.
  10. thnkz, i like your profile picture too so do ya do any sports?
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