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  1. can you sort of tell me whats going on so i know my part in the story im sort of lost whats happened so far?
  2. no what is it? the thing about samtah havin all the girls she wants?
  3. Oh yeah and I cant find the thread for the RPG all the ones I saw where closed can you send me a link to it or something
  4. I sent you my characters if you want me to change something tell me. I just made all that stuff up on the spot so its not the best but it'll do i think.
  5. cool thanks ill work on it right now. ill brb oh yeah and how long are you staying online?
  6. Well if i pm you my character can I start rpg ing right now? oh yeah and can the characters have any sort of powers? can you give me some sort of format to go off of? thanks.
  7. do RP posts count? Because if it helps me get a custom avi I may have more reason to join your rpg
  8. Thats cool, do you remember when you got the custom or how many posts it took?
  9. is ur avatar custom? or did u select it? because it says you have more than 100 posts
  10. yeah I'm new to AO and have been wanting to RP but no one will accept me into theres so thats why ill consider making a guy and a girl character....
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