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  1. thanx a million...dats da 1st thing ima wat r u up 2..
  2. Oh that oh you just go to post reply and just put what you want to say on it then just submit.
  3. how dnt u kno how u did it when u just post up at least three naruto questions..i have a ? i've been dying 2 ask..
  4. I'm doing good and I rreally don't know how to do it and I have to go eat but I'll be right back.
  5. well..hey how u been..n i've been good just replying to ur posts about why we like hinata..i was wondering how do u make ur questions post up so dat everybody cud red it n answer it..
  6. Well hey how you been its been a while since we talk to each other.
  7. Alright well if you want to talk I'm on now so you can vm me ok.
  8. i'm so confused....wat u just say..i kno i cud talk 2 u but usually when i'm on..u dnt be i just wait until u do by watching naruto shippuden episodes...xd
  9. Well you know you can always talk to me you know.
    See you when you get on.
  10. yeah..*snif snif..i was so lonely*..wat happen to u...xd
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