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  1. ok cool.i started joining rpgs to get some posts in and i got addicted.and i got a pretty fair amount of posts
  2. Wow that sounds very interesting when I become an active member I'll have to try it out.
  3. you know the preppy super schools on cartoons and stuff?well imagine if you got expelled from there and had to go to an alternative school.and there were gangs and fighters and bad kids everywhere.the smell of drugs in the bathrooms and the walls filled with graffiti all over.oh and did i mention the whole school had powers?
  4. so whats it all about I want to know because I might want to try it out later.
  5. i made an rpg called expelled and i want it to get approved and i wouldnt mind if it also improved
  6. Sounds interesting enough so what rpg is that you need improved say.
  7. well i just pm'd blackhammer to approve an rpg i have if you consider that interesting.
  8. Hey dude whats up how you doing today anything interesting happen so far.
  9. computer broke...if u had not not on as much as before
  10. Yeah there a lot from last we talked you know so how you been its been a while.
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