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  1. Yeah, It is fun and wonderful to think about ^^ but I am sure someone nice like you will fined someone sweet and move in with someday. ^_^
  2. sound awesome wish i had someone that i was dating that i could move out and hang with after graduation
  3. Oh yeah? Cool sounds like funz! Any plans for this week or weekend?.?
    Oh boy! I can't wait to GRADUATE and move out my bf and my best friend and I are moving out and in together!
  4. nope not that i know of just talking to you and my other friends i guess
  5. You don't like being single? Yeah, I don't blame you it dose suck I never really liked it either... So any plans for this weekend? I don't have school Friday or Monday thank god! lol
  6. yeah im having a good day so far i just wish i wasn't single because it sucks
  7. Awe... that's sad.. Well I hope you had a good day any ways ^^ *hugs you*
  8. no not really i don't have a girlfriend to have time spent with on valentines day
  9. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!! Thanks I am so far its going to be a good day my bf is taking me out to eat! ^_^ you have anything planed?
  10. thats awesome hope you have a great time and happy early valentines day
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