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  1. Oh, hey... That's alright, what've you been up to??????
  2. oh, ok... lol... you know what's funny though, is that i'm getting lessons from you how to play a guitar, and lessons on what kind of guitars are out there too.
  3. ok, are there different types of wooden guitars?????????
  4. ok, thx... btw do yiu mind telling/ showing me the different wooden guitars, PLEASE???
  5. alright that's fine with me, so i guess i'll talk to you on Monday.
  6. yeah... and if you can, send me a few of your top favorite songs you play on the guitar, and i might choose one of those to start learning lessons from you, sensei (teacher).
  7. yeah, at about 2:30 i'll be heading out, but i'll be back by 10-3, or 3 o'clock.
  8. yeah. i'm good..... and what do you mean?????????????
  9. yeah, same as me... but that's alright... and if you send me mssges or pm's, i'll most likely reply at lunch or when i get home.
  10. cool, that sounds great... so... what kind of songs do you normally play?
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