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  1. oh yeah? thats good lol you catch quick dont you i was on for like 2 seconds and you noticed but that is also cause the damn AO makes it say we are still online even tho we left lol yah i just finally started to talk to her recently it has been to long we kinda got off the wrong foot with eachother so we are talking again like they allways say friends are like ass cheeks shit may spread them apart but they allways come back together lol
  2. Well lee long time no see or talk so how you been I see you've been talking to jazz a lot.
  3. Well dude how you been it been a while hasn't it say.
  4. well i told her and i think she said she misses talking to you too or somthing along those lines and you wont see it lol. um well man not to break it to you but ive been to busy to miss alot of ppl really i just dont like this place anymore really i enjoyed it at first but idk now it just doesnt seem fun anymore
  5. Thanks dude so how you been doing sorry I haven't been on in a while you miss me.
  6. sure thing bro i dont mind telling her why whats been up? we have been talking but not much really lol she is funny and really full of energy too lol ha ha =] she has high spirits most of the time. but sure anything man i dont mind telling her if she is gonna listen to me at all.
  7. Hey you and jazz sure do talk alot and when you get this and if I'm not on tell jazz I said I miss talking to her for me would you THANKS dude.
  8. lol nah its ok i am talking to her again it was a misunderstanding so dont worry about it anymore thankyou
  9. Yeah dude sure I'll help your my bro why wouldn't I so I will get everything situated ok talk you later bro.
  10. Ok whats wrong dude I can tell it in the way you said that that something is wrong what is it.
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