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  1. nice really nice zabuza is a badass character to have cool i wanted to meet a zabuza.
  2. Hey genma we now have a zabuza on the nine tailed fox clan.
  3. Hey dude meet me on the nine tailed fox clan group ok.
  4. Its fine its just I kept seeing you go on and off on and off is why I said that.
  5. lol bro sry about that i just am haveing some problems tho sry its ok tho im on now tho
  6. Hey how many times are you going to get on and off of here.
  7. Ok well I just sent something for mere so me and her might both be on there.
  8. alright bro its cool than man so whats uo im on there right now but there isnt any action going on right now its silent like a rundown westeren town
  9. I already saw dude don't worry about it you and her are my friends its fine with me.
  10. dont worry bro check out ur social group and ull see who i ment i didnt mean anything by it man were still cool right?
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