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  1. Ha whats up I just got on so how are you. You doing ok.
  2. yah it is isnt it!!^^ .
  3. Yah it is very soothing listening to the rain hit the car isn't it.
  4. yah me too the only thing i like about it is sitting in the car while its going
  5. That doesn't seem like a lot of fun I hope all the rain passes.
  6. not that much but around x mas there was hella!!!!!!!!!!!!but it mostly rains here
  7. How much snow have you had so far. The way you say it it seems like a lot.
  8. seattle ^^its soo rainy
  9. Wow where in washington do you live. I'm just asking.
  10. oh yah it is snowy over there....i live in the rainy state washington in seattle
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