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  1. well life for me doesn't seem so awesome right now i really don't know what to do
  2. wow you sound pretty awsome....
    I'm Lel, i just turned 18 this week. i live in a small city called chester in north-west england. i play bass and a little guitar and piano, i like to sing but dont know if im actually any good. i study art in college and im curent;y reading Deathnote and loving it
  3. well my name is doug im 18 i live in madison ga and i am a gamer that plays guitar and likes anime especially naruto
  4. yeah would like to get to know you.. i guess start wotht he obviouse.. name, age, location? hobbies?
  5. well i would be glad to help with what i can and how are you would you like to get to know me and me get to know you
  6. thanks for the message.. yeah would be nice to have a firend on here.. its my forst time on here and could use a hand getting used to it all.. Hi i'm Lel
  7. hi my names doug nice to meet you would you like to be friends
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