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  1. hey its been a while, fancy meeting u online, whats r u up to
  2. aww that sucks do you think that it will start working soon?
  3. I just haven't been on because of the dial up at home not working and I'm fine.
  4. hey naruto thats fine im glad to c you ^^ and what are u up to
  5. hey hinata what you up to sorry my computer has been down at home so I wasn't able to get on.
  6. wow ur the same age as me naruto ill be 18 in feb tho and yah ive missed it too i think lee has been busy lately im sure hes out doing something fun i havent seen him on msn in a little while and if so he doesn't stay on for very long
  7. I'm 17 hinata and I have missed talking to you and lee.
  8. aww hey naruto happy b-day how old are u now? oh and hello ^^
  9. Hey hinata how you doing todays my birthday and I'm on so I thought that I would say Hi.
  10. yah it has been a while ^^ it's nice to talk to u again im on summer break now and genma is gone for a week and my bf just left so i decided to come on and c what's happening here.. ^^
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