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  1. Well its been a while since I've heard from you hinata.
  2. alright sounds good to me i should be on later tonight but i do owe genma some time in rp but yah i still should be on
  3. Alright I might be on later to so maybe we'll catch each other you know see you later then.
  4. it's quite alright and actualy bro wants the comp now so i gtg i'll bb on later tho it was a fog day today busses were cancelled
  5. Well how long have you been on sorry but I wasn't able to get on last week.
  6. im fine... what about u.. and lee he went home for a little while so he's been busy working and yah....he hasn't been on to often but he seems happy when he is
  7. Hey hinata what you up to sorry I haven't been on in a while.
    Hows lee doing.
  8. i think so but are we in the same timezone or.... well it would make complications if we were not
  9. Hey you going to be on around 4 so I'll be on and we can talk.
  10. some stupid new-b mistakes i made a while ago lol... yah i was too lazy to read the rules and facts lol
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