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  1. Well hey hinata who you doing so why are you in a bad situation with the threads.
  2. i've been alright i suppose.... last two days have been weird... but yah i think i will be
  3. Hey hinata how you been you going to be on later this afternoon.
  4. what happened weather wise to u last night?.........
  5. I'm doing fine sure had some weather down here last nihgt.
  6. just been talking i guess.... what about u?
  7. Oh alright thats fine I was just wondering is all.
    So what you been up to.
  8. well yesterday was kinda bad day for both of us i suppose u could say and that would be y we wern't on i suppose
  9. Hey hinata where were you yesterday I was waiting on you and him.
  10. well u c im a com member so i can put my own avas on as i wish.. when u become a com member u can do the same ^^
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