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  1. Yeah I do how did you get that one on there say?????????????????????????????
  2. ok i'll talk to u when you get home then naruto he he he like my new ava he he he
  3. Its fine I'll talk when I get home ok see you then.............................................. .
  4. im sorry we were both kinda weird ..i apologize for u waiting im very sorry
  5. Hey hinata sis how you been I've been for a while waiting on you and him.
  6. Genma said to tell you to send him a message so he can add you
  7. ok ^^... i will tell him thank you for you he he he he
  8. Alright tell him I said thank you and I'll do it in a minute.
  9. he said that u need to add contacts then u need to send him a message and then he can add you
  10. What did he say because I need to know in order to add you to my messenger.
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