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  1. yeah i know i just wish we could just catch each other on for once
  2. Hey, sorry I wasn't on when you were. I'm on now though. I just realized. the time frame on this site is different from what is on my computer. Like, two hours different. What type of games do you design?
  3. oh its fine well im on now if you want to talk ok and what would you like to know about me
  4. Hey, I guess I should have told you. I can't get on 'till 9:40 something, according to my computer, in the mornings and afternoon times vary. Sorry I didn't say something sooner.
  5. hey i will be on here at 8:40 in the morning ok so if you want to talk we can if you would like i wanted to talk to you today but you weren't on so i guess in the morning then
  6. yeah hey im on right now if you want to talk and can't wait to get to know you
  7. Well I'm glad to hear its fine. Oh, I'm probably, did I spell that right, going to use your user name. Thats the one I see more frequently.
  8. its fine you can call me both if you would like its fine with me.
  9. I'm sorry about the family matters problem, but I'm glad to hear that you'll be online more. I'd really like to get to know you better. If you want me to call you doug I will, but I prefer to call you by your user name.
  10. yeah i have been busy with family matters and haven't been on here much till now so we can talk more later if you want to get to know each other better and you can call me doug
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