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  1. umm ok thanks. im useually fine vming but if you want me to pm i can do that
  2. Yeah I get it well maybe he'll get better you never know so don't worry about it.
    hey send me a pm about anything you want to talk about if you want.
  3. well we just got a new youth pastor and hes cool. but when he preaches i just dont get fed.
    like i dont get anything from the service if that makes sense
  4. Why does it suck that doesn't make any sense to me dude so whats wrong with it.
  5. thats tite i wish i could go. I'm trying to find other youth groups to go to cause mine is starting to suck
  6. It was awsome they even had christain bands come and play at it it was so cool.
  7. umm cool. how was the worship ?
  8. Well its mostly were youth from all over the US come and worship god and I went last year and ended up at the end getting 2 girls numbers from the conference.
  9. that sounds cool. what do you do at it .
  10. Well thats good that your toe is getting better.
    Well I'm going to a youth conference down here called Forward.
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