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  1. hey hows it going i havnt been on for a while....................
  2. Well thats good I hope you make a lot of new friends ok.
  3. ha yeah well u were doin that i made a couple new freinds.....
  4. Well I just got home from cleaning windows so I'm a little tired other than that I'm just being myself.
  5. kk thnx so ah how u doin im really board..........................
  6. well thats what I've heard to so we'll just have to wait and see you know.
  7. thnx thats cool of u so speaking of naruto do u know when the new season for naruto is supposed to start on tv i hurd it was supposed to star eithr late august or early september on adult swim
  8. Well sure dude any naruto fan that wants to be my friend is fine with me.
  9. Hey I'm new to this site I saw you and I noticed it into naruto too so far I've only made two friends would u like to be my friend????
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