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  1. Well hey how you been haven't heard from you in a while.
  2. All my albums are maxed out.

    I already have three and they can't get another thing added to them. I may have to just add them to image host page. Thats pretty full too. I'm a pic huntress lol
  3. Well you can make another album.
    Add the rest of them if you want too.
  4. Well you can make another album and add the rest of them if you want to.
  5. Just uping my post count again. Thanks for asking.

    No problem. I have tons of pics that I could put up but no more room in my albums. I need to learn how to delete some stuff.
  6. Hey ino whats up you doing alright.
    And thank for the pic on the clan.
  7. K.K.

    Laters. I may not be on but I'm here almost every morning so hit me then. Have at it and have a good day.
  8. Yeah thanks for the pic I really like them a lot so I'll talk to you later when I get home ok.
  9. I got on for a little while but I was checking on my threads and didn't really talk that much. Sorry... Oh and I added some pictures to the group. Hope you like
  10. I've been doing fine so where were you yesterday you weren't on??????????
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