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  1. Hwy I just made a thread in the anime series forum if you want to see it.
  2. Well at least thats better than not talking to them at all you know I can even relate to that.
  3. Yeah. I have a few people on here that I couldn't just leave and not talk too. I mean I could but I'd have to say goodbye to these ppl first
  4. Well me to I have a life to but I'm glad I have people like you to talk to you know.
  5. Yeah well I do have a life outside. I also got to worry about my baby niece too......
  6. Why not well I'm on almost for a long if I can so I can at least talk to you.
  7. I'm fine. Yeah I tend to stay on for awhile but I try not too........
  8. Its fine so how you been at least you haven't left yet everyone else did.
  9. I don't mind. I din't even know you were on.....I was busy talking to someone.....
  10. Well hey renn what you been up to sorry I'm late didn't mean to ignore you.
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