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  1. Nothing but good and the usual, right now I am just busting ass on work is all. You?
  2. Hey dude whats up it been a while since we've heard from each other hows it going.
  3. Sci-fi or commity are my favorit types of anime of sorts...
  4. Well if you put it that way then thanks for the rain.
    So what anime interest you.
  5. We did that only because we figured that you guys needed the rain. :P
  6. Thats just wrong the way you said that it seemed a little mean don't you think.sarcasum.
  7. Well it looks like we passed the rains on to you as it was raining Thursday and Friday last week and was clear Saturday and Sunday.
  8. Lets just say it was fun saturday but when the rain got here everything went down hill from there.
  9. Not a problem at all. As for me, I finely have all my stuff done... But now I have to go find more work to do as I can't just sit here on my rear. Other then work, I am doing just fine. How was your weekend?
  10. Its fine dude so whats up how you been sorry I'm late.
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