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  1. hello my freind it has been i long time but i'm back now and i love you so very very much.
  2. ok just in a lot of pain got the shit beat out of me last night from my bother and i hope i don't have a bruiesd jaw.
  3. hello how are you? is everything ok? just hoping you are ok let me know if you can ok thank you.
  4. that is good i'm very happy that your happy to and i hope you have a kick ass weekand and week mwa mwa mwa mwa
  5. of corse i promise i will try to be the most careful person ever really i am very serious to you
  6. lol no i'm ok the pain from the insicion is really bad olny in the moring cause all night i'm asleep and can not feel it so it took my blance away but i can still get it back just need to be careful.
  7. *smiles* very well and then i woke up and just about alomst spilt my heand open cause i almost fell and hit it
  8. hey hasome sorry i have a lot on all my online aucconts everywhere it is just crzay i think i try to do to much for everyone else
  9. ok i understand i have to feed the dog but i will ttyl as well love youuuuuuuu even more mwa mwa mwa bye.
  10. yeah it did doctor reed is a very good doctor i've been ok better now and since i've been of the oxycodone it was causing problems with my breathing.
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