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  1. i missed you to i was really miss you while i was stuck in the hospail bed and passing out with no memoery of it at all
  2. hello how are you my very good freind it has been a long long time since we have talked here
  3. top of the morin to you freind thatought i'd pop by and give you an irish greeting for once.
  4. yes i hope so too your a great frined and i miss you a lot but i know how to find you at times talk to you soon.
  5. hey you seem to be everywhere and very fast hope you can slwo down a little bit hope to talk to you soon.
  6. ok thanks if you are i will see what i can do later and rember i'm alwayls around.
  7. hey doug i was wondering when messgner says you on what are you on exactly?
  8. what's up long time no talk i miss you and wondering how you are and hope you are doing well drop me a line ok.
  9. hey man what is up with you lately thought i'd drop in and see how you are
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