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  1. cool hope you have a good time i never went but i had a lot of people tell me that is was very cool and that i should have gone but that is a very wried story why i never went.
  2. hey my freind what are you up to? i thought i'd drop by and say hello to you and check up on you.
  3. i think this is all my bother can hlep me hes good with this suff i'm going add you now so i will leve but i will still beon trust me .
  4. sorry it just sarced me a lot has been going on but i did if you can give me what i need to add you as a freind then i will do that ok cause you are a very good freind
  5. wait that wasyou? you were the one who sent that to me i mean that was you?
  6. that is good i will be home just for a little but when it is for good again i will let you know miss you and hope to talk to you soon
  7. hello my freind how are you doing? i thought i'd drop in and say hi and i'm doing a little work on trying to find a few things
  8. i was fainlly going to be able to get rid of a girl that has done nothing but cause me pain and suffering and i'm turly fet up with it
  9. i'm doing good just wating to see what i'm thinking of doing later today since what i had palend isn't going to happen
  10. hello my freind how are you doing today since i have not heard from you in a while
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