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  1. where have you been i missed you and wondering what was up are you ok
  2. i'm glad your well i miss you a lot and i've been thinking about hitting up on here but alwayls think you do not want to talk to me but hey i try to check on here everyday and you can chacth me here a lot of the time so hope we can talk and i'm just ok and glad you are doing good.
  3. good just want to stay were i am today but i won't get that and now if my bother would leve me alone than i would be better but i can fix that easilsy (maybe) just have to see what i can do.
  4. i'm fine it is ok i like when we can talk it is good and very cool since i find you very interesting as a freind of mine.
  5. hello it good to see that you are doing well and are safe i was worried but now i know can we talk?
  6. hello it is nice to see you before i have to jet to the quak's office and say hlep me hlep me the big sacry deamon is dipping me the watter and it's cold.
  7. sure talk to you tommaarrow my freind ................................:_)
  8. wow that is cool and great i'm still shrot i'm 5'4 and 23 years old and i like a lot of dreffrent kinds of misc i have to go but i will ttyl later days cassy.
  9. how old are you and how tall are you? if that is puresanl eaugh for you.
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