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  1. are avioding me asking you about your real feelings cause if so don't be afreiad of me i don't bite at all i just purr and hiss.
  2. yes i am i think we did meet than i turely think we did and i'm fatled that you have a crush on me a lot of guys do
  3. maybe but i can tell you that the reltionship whas heaven sent i think it might of been you.
  4. ok frist i'm engaed scecod his name was paul lofore and tht was all i got from some being.
  5. well i was a royal decent of a faimly in france and i was married to a man i think it might have been you?
  6. i have an idea and a feeling if you would like to hear it that is not any pressure ok later.
  7. i live in cottonwood airzona and it is very far from you but hey maybe we met in a past life?
  8. well where do you live and then maybe you do and hey we may have met before who knows.
  9. you have a chrsh on me? not that it is no flattering but why you hardly know me.
  10. sure thing that is cool what if i give a nother one it is old but still is is more recent i do belivile.
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