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  1. we will have to see it will be a long time unless you have a yahoo e-mail then i could try but not sure but cold try.
  2. yes it is ok out dated but still it is me and no one else just so you know but hey see for yourslef.
  3. sure let me see what i can do and i'm sure i can hook that up for if you wish?
  4. uh-huh i know it is not i just have a full day tommrrow and have to keep a happy face on to make my work think i am fine lol ha ha
  5. yeah your sweet thanks my day is cool but not over yet and will not be anytime soon u?
  6. yeah hey what works for you it is great you know what i mean and where i'm going right?
  7. yeah sorry i just have a lot going on right now with work and life so i will try to get back to you .
  8. great i may be here but if not don't worry i have some things to pick up in town and i have no car so i have to walk and it might take a bit just so you know ttyl cassy.
  9. no worries mike i like you as a freined you are interesting and cool ttyl.
  10. well no i just get to know you since you are a freined this is what i do ...sorry just got back home today and i'm a little treid and wasted .
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