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  1. Well hey sorry I haven't vmed you I've just been waiting on some of my friends.
  2. lol well I'm kinda typing up a paper and doing other stuff but I could swing by maybe...and yes being sakura would be fine with me ^_^
  3. Hey you coming to the clan I'm there waiting on everyone.
    And how would you like to be sakura.
  4. Sure I'll join I'll check it out here after while
  5. Well I'm naruto and I have my own social group if you want to join.
  6. I'm doing ok I haven't watched much of Naruto but if I had my choice...I would be Hinata how about you?
  7. I'm good how are you doing.
    Do you like naruto.
    If you do what character would you be.
  8. howdy ^_^ thanks for the friendship request how are you today?
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