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  1. A HA! you belong to me now because you are online. But you only belong to me for about 1 minutes seeing as class is over.
  2. Ok I'll go right now see you there ok see you there.
  3. go to members and click join and then fill out profile info.......
  4. Yeah dude sure I would like to join it but what do I do when I get there.
  5. Hey. DO you want to join my website? it is
  6. helloz! how are you today? my nose hurts cause i nearly broke it last night.
  7. hey hey heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yyyyy
  8. Thanx for the added! so name,age,gender,location,color of eyes,skin,and hair, fav. anime, fav. band?
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