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  1. thanks a heap. I guess my favourite anime would have to be Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler, but the anime i like seem to change every week or so. haha. the real trouble for me is finding new anime to watch. I mean, once you've watched a lot with the same sort of genre it gets kinda hard to find something new, you know? Anyway, where are my manners? What sort of anime do you like Angela? Any favourites?
  2. it's nice to meet you, Briana. what anime do you like to watch? if you have any questions about this site, please let me know.
  3. hi. sorry, as im new i don't really know how to do this sort of stuff. my name is briana.
  4. hello! welcome to ao!!! what is your name? my name is Angela. i hope you enjoy your stay here.
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