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  1. I'm doing great. How about you? What is one shot manga?
  2. Oh... when I feel lazy I only read One Shot kind of mangas...

    so... how are you today?
  3. No, I don't read manga. Every time I try, I never finish it. I never finish any books, really. Although I love to read.
  4. Yes! I love Soul Eater the most, and I've watched Inuyasha and Death Note as well x3

    do you read mangas as well?
  5. I love to watch any kind of anime beside romance. I love to watch FMA, Inuyasha, death note, bleach, soul eater, naruto, samurai deeper kyo, trinity blood, and so much more!!!
  6. erm... that's a tough one... well, I watch anything that's comedy, romance, action, fantasy, school life, life related kind of anime O: about you? O:
  7. nice to meet you, Bee! what anime do you like to watch?
  8. Thank you!
    A pleasure meeting you Angela! My name is Bee.
  9. Hello! Welcome to Ao!!! what is your name? my name is Angela. what anime do you like to watch?
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