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  1. Well it happen lol kay so plz dont worry it not like ur big mistake ever in ur life i know i have kay
  2. k there is a little bitch at my school who is 1) a ****ing whore and 2) hates me and just cant keep her stupid mouth shut and let ppl live in peace. so she got on my last neve so i wanted her daed. like i said i was not thinking clearly. k i got to go now. byebye!
  3. Interesing very inquie the way i see u just told me u want to kill someone n u just said like nothing and i not freaking out wat u r saying wat u mean plz contino any other details u wish to say and thk u f the hbday
  4. some one rated me out and i was just so pissed off i want thinking right.
  5. How did the person found it or someone tell on u and y would u do that keep in ur head kay man that going to be trouble i know i can feel it I sence a disdruted in the force
  6. well a happy birthday to u! um i wrote a note saying i wanted to kill a girl and exspland how i would do it if i could.
  7. Why wat did u do or wat happen lol and lol guess wat today my bday yayayayayayayayaya me
  8. iv been home with a suspinchion(sp) and almost got exspeled(sp). it was just all bad.
  9. Hery jelllllo wat up lo wat u been up to ..,.,.,.,.,,.
  10. jelloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! ! im back!
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