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  1. WEll tahnk i wanted it to be all mystouis u nkow and yeah i do watch it but it okay i just wondering when it going to end that all i wantd to see something new so theyr r using monster to come up with new ideals
  2. Thats soooooo cool hey i like your avatar. do you watch monster?
  3. Congrat then i going to be 18 in 20 day from now lol
  4. i just give it out to people on my friends list. yea im almsot 16. 13 more days!
  5. Y r u giveing me ur name n it tris kay n the age is wrong i mess that up but i did not mean to i 17 now
  6. hi im Chalea and may i ask who are you? im 15 and i can see you are 19 cool.
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