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  1. don't you hate how there is a character limit on all message on AO? some times i don't mind it but what if what i have to say doesn't take up to 50 characters to say it? lol
  2. lol yea i would to. thats kinda funny!!!!!!!!!!!!................................. ......
  3. perhaps. i'm having a bit of deja vu today, i'm going back to the same high school i graduated from 6 years ago to watch my sister in law graduate tonight. lol
  4. yea i would say so! i gusse the smaller the more organized okey i have to go now so bye buddie!
  5. i didn't even know you could make a school with only 100 people lol well my school was pretty big i would say i don't remember the exact number but i know when i was a freshman the head count was about 1,000 just in the freshman class alone. of course its sad to say though that by the time i graduated out of 1,000 freshmen only a little over 200 actually made it all the way to being a senior and graduating.
    so yes i suppose you could say we were a big school so maybe it was just too much of a bother to organize all it lol
  6. lol well how big is ur school? my school has like about 100 kids. its really small.
  7. man maybe my school just sucked i don't think either of my proms had a theme to them lol in fact i don't think any dance or any thing had a theme...we must have been a very disorganized school
  8. yea proms theme was alice in wounderland and i was the march hair and the mad hatter in one!
  9. lol i love the hat! what was the a wonderland themed party or something?
  10. thank u. in my pics im the one with the brown hair of in the hat.
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