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  1. thats hair is naturaly curly.. and i just hate it
  2. straiteish it needs to be straiten, its thick but good 2.
  3. oh well thats a good idea.. they will do a good job.. and im good wbu?
  4. u told me... i wish i was there i could help u.. lets see is ur hair curly or straite? or hows ur hair?
  5. with my hair yea but im thinking about leting the styalest(SP!) exsperament with my hair.
  6. hey cathy. how are you? oh my hair goes down a little bit past my sholders.
  7. lol so does mine... and yea so are you still haveing trouble?
  8. new avatar sweet. cool choise(sp) my spelling sucks sooooooo badly.=(
  9. my hair is just a little bit past my sholders so i would say shotish middeomis(sp)
  10. thanks its goth... n go to the prom with ur ur hair long or short?
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