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  1. can i ask you something.... please dont get mad im not sideing with anyone on this but did ur current bf at least spend the day with you even tho he didnt give you anything? cuz to be honest in my opinion wouldnt you be more happy just being with him rather then him just give you a gift and not be with you... im sorry if im getting into business that has nothing to do with me.. i just dont like when ppl get upset over trival things as gift and money and clothes and all that stuff cuz is what matters is being with the person that makes you happy for who you are and not what you have... but yea sorry again... but yea glad to hear your doing alrite and so how have you been lately anything new with you? well sorry i got to run take care and have a nice day Deiuchi
  2. sorry didnt think about the syrup.......ur welcom.... yea i had to many friends i didnt talk to........nothing much i just dubble gaged my ears..... have cheerleading to night...LASTGAME!..... thinking about breaking up with current boy friend who got me nothing for valintiens day but this guy i like did..... might go out with him... i dont know right now...... till we chat agine.....
  3. oh yea i ate the walffle but you forgot the syrup? but thanks for the walffle tho... so you have two accounts huh why is that? if you dont mind me asking of course...? so what have you been up to lately? anything new with you? well see you around deiuchi i got to finish here and take a shower... till out next chat take care and have a nice day...
  4. its okey u where only a day late..... i always reply late because i have 2 accounts on here.... im on there the most.... its thefallenangel.... yea it does sound like alot of work....but hey if u want to do something u love it takes alot of work.... not much just i am attempting to dobble gage my ears ... on my first two pircings.... okey ill talk to u later.... yea ill take care.... did u eat that walffle?
  5. hey sorry on the late reply ive been away and just got back but wow sounds like a lot of work to me... well hope you enjoy it and have a lot of fun... so anything new with you? well i got to go finish with these other messages but ill see you around till then take care deiuchi
  6. thanks cresent knight...yea im going to go to college... i plan to go to montana state universaty... for film and photogropgy(sp?)... i want to direct...act....produce...and be a film photogrifer(sp)... k by and be good to ur self... eat a walffle.
  7. oh well thats awesome then we are the same.... so theres a celestial being group here... sweet i didnt know that well ill go check it out... thanks for letting me kno... and wow the top ten... then you really are a smart one.... Congrats...! glad to hear the good news... so whats ur plans for after high school...? are you gonna go to college...? well i got to run.. take care k Deiuchi...
  8. schools going great im in the top 10 in my class..... oh i aks that question alot cause its my fave and i wanted u to join the cilestrial being group i joined...... well okey bye!
  9. you dont say.... well thats rather odd to hear.... so hows school going....? so if you dont mind can i ask why you wanted to know if i seen gundam 00...? its just you asked me and never told me why you wanted to know that why i thought id ask....? well take care and see you around... laterz....
  10. no not much but my bros boyfriend got a lolipop and he danced around with it.
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