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  1. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
  2. its kool.. so anything new or kool with you? im doing alright just taking care of things like always... sorry this is a short message but i got to run hope ur doing good.. take care and have a nice day...
  3. oker? umm sorry cant say i know what that means but my family is doing alright just my mom pasted away on the 2nd and now ive got to help take care of my family... but nothing to hard... but anyways... glad to hear things are going better for you now so anything new happen recently? well sorry to make this a short message but i got to run company just showed up.. and not the company you invite just the ones that come when you dont want them here lol... man i just want to be alone but they dont get that... well see you around laterz...
  4. oh... well thats good... so how have you been these last couple of days anything new? and hopefully better then ur last couple of days... as for myself ive been busy taking care of family business...sorry for the late reply as well just havent had the time to get on... well hope ur doing well.. well till our next chat take care and have a nie day...
  5. wow... kinda unexpecting... sorry to hear that but thats not that bad yes i understand it a friend you trusted like a sister maybe but who cares what she thinks now she's the one that flipped on you i dont think should have to worry about it... but if you disagee sorry i dont mean to cause any problems just giving my opinion sorry if it sounds rude... hope things are going better... cya around and take care k
  6. hey sorry i havent been around lately ive been to busy with other stuff.. so how have you been anything new with you.. well sorry i got to run but see you aorund k laterz..
  7. can i ask you something.... please dont get mad im not sideing with anyone on this but did ur current bf at least spend the day with you even tho he didnt give you anything? cuz to be honest in my opinion wouldnt you be more happy just being with him rather then him just give you a gift and not be with you... im sorry if im getting into business that has nothing to do with me.. i just dont like when ppl get upset over trival things as gift and money and clothes and all that stuff cuz is what matters is being with the person that makes you happy for who you are and not what you have... but yea sorry again... but yea glad to hear your doing alrite and so how have you been lately anything new with you? well sorry i got to run take care and have a nice day Deiuchi
  8. oh yea i ate the walffle but you forgot the syrup? but thanks for the walffle tho... so you have two accounts huh why is that? if you dont mind me asking of course...? so what have you been up to lately? anything new with you? well see you around deiuchi i got to finish here and take a shower... till out next chat take care and have a nice day...
  9. hey sorry on the late reply ive been away and just got back but wow sounds like a lot of work to me... well hope you enjoy it and have a lot of fun... so anything new with you? well i got to go finish with these other messages but ill see you around till then take care deiuchi
  10. oh well thats awesome then we are the same.... so theres a celestial being group here... sweet i didnt know that well ill go check it out... thanks for letting me kno... and wow the top ten... then you really are a smart one.... Congrats...! glad to hear the good news... so whats ur plans for after high school...? are you gonna go to college...? well i got to run.. take care k Deiuchi...
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About deiuchi
i am not in lieabilty to tell u that. sorry.
where ever ur not!
read manga, watch anime, drawing anime and writeing poems.
being my self! which is sitll a wack job!
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naruto,bleach, monster, fma brotherhood,deathnote


u never know what you have untill its gone, long gone.


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