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  1. ummm dont hert her shes trying help im kinda scared to ask u to marry me
  2. u now what NF13!!!!!!???????? i will assassinate u now!
  3. alrite ive been trying to protect u and ive failed i love u i want u safe but if ur with me u wont be safe(aww and thats sad umm im going to be quit now-nf13
  4. okey im here with NF13 now what? this cant go on 4 ever u know?
  5. ummmmm what happen while was gone ummm im confused
  6. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO dont leave i dont hate u actuly i love u to i have alwaysed loved u!*sob*
  7. yes ik its weird i understand u hate me i think this would be best if i leave(bye deiuchi love u alwasy) hiiiii
    !!!!!!!!!!!! im back what happen while i was at the store hehehe lol
  8. was itach in this thing also? so let me get this strate u love me and the ONLY way u could get near me was to act like my dad!?
  9. i had too that was the only way cuz itachi im sorry
  10. so why have you possed as my dad for most of what i remember of my life?
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