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  1. thant is the thing i have no ideai'm just not feeling to good right now sorry
  2. oh wow now i feel really sarced i must have done something really worng now what do i do?
  3. hey i thought i'd drop in and say hello and check on you see what is up.
  4. sorry i had a really bad day yesterday and i'm recovering from it today my eyes are bruning and i have pain all over just trying to wake up a bit more but it is all ok and i have to get up ealry the next moring and talk to a lady who i feel can't do her job at all.
  5. hey love the pic i have it as one of my wall papers on my home computer it is so cool.
  6. oh well well you got a lot of love coming lucky you and be careful you have a lot more about you than you might know
  7. well take my adivce that i know you can make it better want hlep just ask and i will hlep you out oh i'm 24 just so you know.
  8. many diffrent kinds happy sad angry etc etc and i go to a lot for insprotaion it is a good thing.
  9. it ok i did a lot of walking and my back has a lot of strain when i have a lot to do that is all.
  10. thanks that is sweet i have not wrtten any for a while now but i was busy and just working threw somethings but i will try ok i try to read yours if i can i'm really in a lot of pain right now.
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