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  1. thats cool sis but today sucks a lot of shit happened but i got to work out to calm down so its all good know. well i do believe i asked that question so yea but if not srry i for got but i do think i did well sis take care and maybe ill actualty see you on when i get on well sis take care bye
  2. thx, i'm hoping the same.... wha's your question, but send it in a pm if you don't want others to see.
  3. wow thats cool sis. it sucks that,that shits happening to you and meeting new friends sounds awesome. im doing good just making new friends over the net. well i hope all this shit blows over and you start having run. hey i still have a question for you.
  4. hey g2g for now, but i'll message when i can. see ya l8er!
  5. good and horrible, cause of the family is just crashing down on me and it seems like i'm doing everything in the entire house... but it's good cause i got to meet new people this year, and i'm a junior in school too... meaning ONLY 1 MORE YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL... WOOHOO!!!!!!
  6. hey its all cool id dont mind so how have you been? hows life been treating you? well hit me up if you get the chance k
  7. Hey, my bad, been so busy since i'm in a magnet school now, and accidently forgot login so couldn't get on lately, i'll try to message more often. ttyl
  8. hey sis happy holloween hope you have fun today well see ya around bye
  9. hey where did you go?????? helllllooooooooooo.............................
    i guess no one is home so ill leave this message and hope it reaches you in time....
    well if you get back on sis hit me up ill be around well laterz sis and have a nice day.
  10. damn sis it has been a long time since we talked so how have you been? na sis i dont have a cell phone i hate them cuz they are like a leash but i do plan on getting one again but only a few people are going to get my number i think only like ten people and the rest are going to have to get ahold of those ten people to get ahold of me but for you ill make an acception well sis take care and hit me up anytime k laters sis
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