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  1. NM... Unless u count for the fact that I got excepted to a new school, and my mom's trying 2 hook me up with other guys, even though I already have one... Than yeah NM.
  2. yeah we can be friends... and alright, talk to you then, also happy easter.
  3. lol, ok, than i guess that is great, and a little funny cause i'm kinda in the same situation, except not enough guy friends.
  4. what do you mean it's even better, 'cause I'm a little confused.
  5. np, and thx... but one thing you should know is that i'm a GIRL, not a guy.
  6. Wow... Your just like me... And that won't be needed, because you've alredy proven yourself, so welcome to the clan.
  7. Well, tell me a couple of reasons why you want to join, this way I can notify others if they ask me.
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