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  1. Hey, whats up? I've already told most of my freinds, but I'm back now, if you still get on. i think most of my old freinds have gone.
  2. Why, if the two of you are truely in love, than nothing should go wrong.... Also if you want more love advice ask my boyfriend awesomeparty12, cause I know for a fact he's good at love advice, I mean with him and myself we haven't had any troubles.... Basically what I'm say is talk to awesomeparty12 for more love advice.
  3. Wow, so is everything prepared... And what's going turough your mind?
  4. really?! wow, that's awesome, congradulations... when is it?
  5. actually on Friday, i'll only be on in the morning, cause i have a class trip, after 9, but we leave for the bus at about 8:50. and to answer your first question, things have been good, nothing much has really happened from my point of view though, what about you.
  6. Hey, you're right, where've you been, anyways pm me and we'll talk that way.
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