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  1. Which just proves your ignorance to how successful RPG's actually work. I mean do you really think you post an idea and all the rest happens on it's own?

    No one can play by themselves... as you kind of need other people to play any RPG...hence the 5 member rule.

    5 members gasp! why so many...tis so darn restrictive...gasp!

    Anything less then 5 starting members just causes things to not work.

    If there are just 3 members (including yourself) and 1 drops off the face of the planet then it is just the 2 of you and that isn't an RPG, it is a conversation in your own fantasy world....not to mention if the other member only posts once a week...not much of an RPG and it will die. We don't want that to happen and 5 members allows for a good influx of ideas and activity right out of the gate and that activity and influx of ideas is what makes the story, action and number of people wanting to play...GROW!

    RPGs have to be "good" and "managed" both are responsibilities of the RPG host. The RPG host should have decent managing skills which includes story development as well as player recruitment...if he/she can't produce an RPG that 5 people want to play in then his/her idea sucks and for that matter as an RPG host they suck to the point we don't want that crap taking up space in the actual game room where people are actually playing.

    As far as having to wait on my approval...the only thing I do is make sure they have 5 members and a decent idea...then I approve all RPG's that have 5 or more members within 24 hours of being asked for approval. That isn't much of a wait....and to date I have never denied an RPG that had 5 members wanting to play. Horrible and so restrictive I know.

    Our policies aren't restrictive they are purposely designed to help make RPGs succeed.
  2. we aren't that strict on the RPG's, what exactly do you find too much to handle?
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